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Lux-Qualität: Ultra Premium Vodka
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LUX-Qualität: Ultra Premium Vodka

Hamburg Blue Premium Vodka

Made with passion

Our heartfelt project to create a premium vodka for Hamburg with Hamburg Blue is based on our strong enthusiasm for the city and the people who make it so endearing.

To create memories

The serenity and straightforwardness of the Hamburg mentality should be reflected in this vodka. In addition, we traveled to the best manufacturers in the world and were able to create a high-quality vodka that Hamburg is undoubtedly worthy of.

Inner values

The basic ingredient for our Hamburg Blue comes from the most fertile growing region of the Carpathian Mountains, where the so-called “black soil” ensures unique grain quality.

The crystal-clear water enriched with amber comes from the untouched mountains of the Carpathians, which stands for the purity of the landscape and pure nature.


LUX quality

The patented recipe is unique and is, of course, well kept as a Hamburg company secret.

After the purity requirement for vodka, Hamburg Blue reached the second highest recognized quality level LUX and thus entered the league of ultra premium vodka.

Extraordinary unique taste

The velvety soft taste of Hamburg Blue is due to the continuous distillation process, the refracting.

The 6-fold distillation and filtering countless times ensure the WOW effect with every sip.


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